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Thrive Mentoring is a program that pairs caring adult mentors with students from the Chelan and Manson school districts. 

It takes a village. Thrive Mentoring is a program that helps reduce shame, insecurity, addictions and a myriad of other issues kids face by connecting them to an adult mentor in the Chelan Valley community. Many youth desperately lack the investment of a caring adult, and Thrive Mentoring helps students be more happy and successful! Positive, prosocial relationships with adults is a powerful component for increasing achievement of students, and time is the best gift a child can receive. Local counselors estimate that 60% of students have experienced adverse childhood experiences. As a result, many students ages 10-15 lack the basic coping skills to form trusting relationships with the adults in their lives. Join us to help make it possible for students to build relationships in which they begin to transform from insecurities of shyness, low self-esteem and thoughts and feelings of “going nowhere” because they don’t have an understanding adult in their lives to trust and help them along the way. The intent of this program is to inspire and support personal growth for participants by spending consistent quality time together engaged in local activities that produce trust and a safety of open communication between mentors and mentees

Our vision is that all students in the Chelan Valley would have a caring adult mentor in their life. Starting in the 2017-2018 school year, we are matching our first 25 mentor/mentee pairs for one-on-one mentoring while building a program that can grow larger in the future.

We are building on the work of FUSION, a mentoring program in Chelan School District that was designed to remove barriers, increase motivation, and inspire students. Fusion leaders are made up of adults and students who participate in professional training through an organization called WhyTry. This curriculum poses the question, “WhyTry?” then provides this answer:  to attain opportunity, freedom, and self respect. Students are taught important life skills such as following rules, resisting peer pressure, and building and accessing support systems. A major tenet of the program is building resiliency in school, at home and in life. Students are highly engaged by ten visual metaphors taught through a variety of games and activities, videos, journaling, or guest speakers.

Research proves and our experience confirms that mentoring—using the combination of strong relationship with the WhyTry curriculum—produces powerful results and we are excited about this program!

Check out our latest Academic Success Class video, produced by the Association of Washington School

CHS Fusion, started in 2011, utilizes community volunteers and high school juniors and seniors to mentor sixth through tenth grade students during the school day. Fusion has expanded into five different programs and is gaining popularity and statewide attention. Our district is one of only two schools in the United States to provide mentors with WhyTry training, a nationally based resilience program that emphasizes relationships and helps students make decisions that will lead them to opportunities, freedom, and self-respect. Mentors identify themselves as additional support in the student’s life and their work centers around motivation, tutoring, encouragement, and decision making.

Junior and Senior Mentors from the 2015-16 Academic Success Class continue to get statewide attention for their work with freshmen, helping them transition successfully to high school

Thank you, Lynda Foster, for your work as a community small groups Fusion leader!

WhyTry Training 2015 was a huge success Fusion leaders work with freshmen
mentees during Academic Success Class
These Pirate Fusion mentors work
with middle school students

We are proud of the work our Fusion mentors are doing to make a positive difference in Chelan Schools!:


CHS Graduate Elijah Larson produced this touching video about labeling, from the 2014 Academic Success Class! 
Ways to help:
Donate money:  Monetary donations help Fusion groups do fun things together.  When a mentor and their student have gone ice skating or shared a meal together, it increases trust and builds their relationship. Enrichment also sometimes gives students in poverty the chance to attend a restaurant or do a local activity for the first time.  Enrichment is a critical component of the Fusion program and cannot exist without community support! To make a tax-deductible contribution, please mail a check made out to THRIVE Chelan Valley with "Fusion" in the Memo field, to: THRIVE Chelan Valley, PO Box 3051, Chelan, WA 98816. Or make an online donation using one of the links below:

Make a One-Time Donation to support Thrive Mentoring

Make a Monthly Donation to support Thrive Mentoring

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Donate activities:  Local business owners could also donate services or meals at restaurants.  Often the high school students dig into their own pockets to reward their students with a meal or ice cream cone or night of bowling for their hard work at school.  We need donations for activities like bowling, movie theatres, zip lining, paddle boarding, para sailing, tubing at Echo Valley, etc.

Become a Thrive Mentoring or Fusion Leader:  Please email Sarah Barnes at To express interest in this program.  Leaders must undergo background checks, reference checks, submit an application, and attend the training.  In addition, Fusion leaders make a commitment to volunteer during the school year.

Guest speakers:  Sponsor a great speaker or volunteer to come share your story of resilience with kids!  Contact Sarah Barnes at

Have another idea?  Do you have a  fun idea to share?  Contact Sarah Barnes at


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