Thrive Cares / Helping Hands

Removing barriers to help all youth in the Lake Chelan Valley reach their full potential.

About: Our valley is comprised of 60-80% poverty level for school age children. Counselors and school administration estimate that at least 60% of the students in both schools have experienced significant childhood trauma. We estimate that up to 20% of our students are
undocumented, posing great barriers for education, employment, financial gain, and college assistance. Because of high poverty and a high degree of single parent homes/fatherlessness, many parents are operating in survival mode to put food on the table and pay their bills.

Many individuals, organizations and service clubs enjoy helping kids in need. In a spirit of generosity, this program provides educational opportunities or meet immediate needs, dignity items, or full potential requests in local schools; food for kids to eat at home during evenings/weekends; and new/gently used sporting equipment so all student have the opportunity to participate in sports.

Process:  Often people who work with kids and care deeply about them notice something that would help them be more successful in school. Often school staff spends their own money when they see a need or educational barrier. In this program, a school counselor, teacher, administrator, mentor, or any advocate in the child’s life may submit a request on behalf of a student. If you have a student you would like to advocate for, please email us.

How you can help:
Donate money
Give to the Current Need
Volunteer to be a shopper or delivery person
Other ideas:  Contact

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