How Can I Help?

 The quality of our lives is directly related to the contribution we are to others.  

We highly encourage you to get involved in your community in any way that inspires you. Three ways that come to mind immediately is TIME, MONEY, or THINGS.

Many of our programs can use volunteers to help with the day to day operations or as guest speakers, etc.  Maybe you have a special skill such as carpentry or can teach kids about computers?  Email specific program directors if you would like to get involved as a volunteer.

Certainly money can always be used.  All programs are funded in different ways.  Most funding comes directly from the generosity of our local community.  See individual programs and projects under (What We Do) to see what projects you are most passionate about. 

We can often use donated items to help run our programs.  Sometimes it’s an old laptop, blankets, furniture, beds, warm jackets, etc.  In some cases,  we will refer you to other local resource partners in order not to duplicate efforts.  In other cases, we will do “gives,” because of crisis or tragedy for specific families, or a needed resource that other partners are unable to provide.  Other times, we may need more information from you.   Please email if you have an item of value to donate to a family in need.  Unless there is an urgent and acute need, we do not store items like clothing, cars, washing machines, or couches.