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Born and raised in the Lake Chelan valley, Anna is proud to call this community home. After graduating from Manson High School, Anna studied and worked in the graphic design field for many years before returning to Manson to start a family business. Anna has served as a Thrive Mentor to a Manson teen since 2018. She has also directly supported our Food2Schools program by assembling weekend food bags which are distributed to food insecure students in Chelan and Manson. As a business owner, Anna has been a gracious host for many Thrive gatherings, including a recent Thrive Together Garden Party event in April. Anna’s passion for serving youth as well as her insightful questions make her an outstanding Thrive Board member.

 On joining the Thrive Board, Anna states, “Since returning to the valley, it has been inspiring to see the positive effect Thrive has had in creating programs to support our youth. Thrive offers such an amazing network of resources for our youth! Supporting kids in multi-faceted ways (both serious and fun) during this tender time in their lives can foster confidence and community belonging that can last a lifetime.”