Connecting youth and adults with opportunities for positive mentoring relationships that inspire personal growth, provide access to resources and bring awareness to our community.


Thrive Mentoring is a program that connects local youth to safe and caring adult mentors in the Lake Chelan Valley. Our mission is to inspire and support personal growth for participants by providing opportunities for mentor & mentee matches to consistently spend quality time together and establish relationships built upon trust and a safety net of open communication.

1:1 Mentoring


Many youth desperately need the investment of a caring adult.  Thrive 1:1 Mentoring helps students experience happiness and success. Research shows that a prosocial relationship with a positive adult is a powerful component for increasing achievement of students.

Local counselors estimate that 60% of students have experienced adverse childhood experiences. As a result, many students, ages 10-15, lack the basic social skills to form trusting relationships with people in their lives.

Our vision is that all students in the Chelan Valley would have a caring adult mentor in their life. We have over 50 mentor/mentee matches, thanks to our caring community and the many mentors that believe in our local youth.



Grandpas in the Classroom, a partnership with The Grandpa Project, provides a positive and consistent male presence in local elementary classrooms. This unique program supports mentoring in a one-to-many model and exists to offer elementary-aged children with the opportunity to know, learn from and be appreciated by a volunteer grandpa.  

Grandpas in the Classroom was piloted at Morgen Owings Elementary during the 2018-19 school year with a total of five volunteer grandpas.  During the 2019-20 school year, fourteen volunteer grandpas invested in the lives of second, third and fourth grade students at MOE. We are thankful for the positive impact that our volunteer grandpas make through regular visits to classrooms!


Are you interested in getting a mentor?

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Are you interested in becoming a mentor?

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Become a Thrive Mentor or a Guest Speaker


Monetary donations help mentor groups do fun things together.  When a mentor and their mentee have gone ice skating or shared a meal together, it increases trust and builds their relationship. Enrichment also sometimes gives students in poverty the chance to attend a restaurant or do a local activity for the first time.  Enrichment is a critical component of the mentoring program and cannot exist without community support!


We would love to get gifts of experiences for kids in our valley – a mentor could take a student to coffee/lunch, ice skating, bowling, and more. They may have specific tangible needs that our Thrive Cares program can support. We want all our programs to be integrated with how we respond to needs and the resources we gather.