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We help youth reach their full potential by removing barriers and meeting tangible needs with wraparound services.

We partner with our community & local school districts to offer one-to-one and one-to-many mentoring connections for Chelan & Manson students.

Our flagship program provides a safe & inclusive space for local teens to enjoy a meal, connections with others, and fun activities.

projects + partnerships

Thrive Chelan Valley partners with the community to serve, empower and advocate for Lake Chelan valley youth.

Here are some examples of projects & partnerships we’re proud of:

back-to-school fair

Thrive has been involved with the Back to School Fair since its inception in 2015, where families in need can come to get backpacks with school supplies for their kids. Students of all ages attend each year, from our valley and beyond. On average, over 500 backpacks are distributed every year! In addition to free backpacks, students and their families can connect with local community resources and learn more about what is available to support their needs throughout the school year!


In 2021, Thrive partnered with Manger Mall Chelan Valley to ensure that local parents can provide their children a magical holiday season. Since 2009, Manger Mall has existed to help struggling families provide gifts for their children during Christmas. Many parents in our valley work hard to make ends meet with nothing left over for extras like presents. Manger Mall was created to assist families while helping them maintain dignity through the process. Thrive is proud to partner with great organizations like Manger Mall!

other projects

Thrive Chelan Valley collaborated with many other organizations and groups to help advocate for the needs of kids and youth in our valley. Other projects we have been involved in include Manson Summer Camp, Chelan Swim Lessons, and the Chelan Summer Lunch Program. What needs do you see in our valley? How would you like to help be part of the solution for helping all kids in our valley reach their full potential?