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A Chance to Follow Your Dream

Here at Thrive we have the privilege of seeing with our own eyes the change that mentoring can make. Today, we have the pleasure of honoring Glenn.

When Glenn joined the mentor program our director, Tori Carpenter, used her study and skill to search for a student in Chelan that would richly benefit from his years of being a detective with the Seattle PD. Soon enough, she found a kid with a dream all his own. A dream that consisted of blue uniforms and flashing lights. The match was made, Glenn met his student, and a friendship was forged! We had no doubt that words of wisdom would come from Glenn as he and his mentee bonded over a shared love.

Now, months later, Glenn’s mentee has seen positive growth in many areas of his young life. This once academically failing mentee has improved his grades and done much better socially. He has and is overcoming because he has a loving adult that prioritizes time with him. An adult that is by his side.

Glenn has been there, he has showed up. When there seemed to be no one around that wanted to invest, Glenn was his friend. When circumstances had this student believing he was not enough, Glenn was there to love him. He has cared for his mentee when life had him believing lies. Lies that whispered no adult was capable of being his advocate.

Glenn is poetry in motion for this Chelan youth, and his student’s life will forever be altered for the better. He is what we are about and why our mission can come full circle. We are simply here to love without agenda!

Fortunately, Glenn is one of many! He is but one Mentor out of dozens that are changing the world one student at a time. Thanks Glenn for all of your time; you are a beacon of hope for your mentee. Thrive is so lucky to have you as a volunteer!

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