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Morgan Owings Elementary Celebrates Grandpas in the Classroom

One of Thrive’s newest programs – Grandpas In The Classroom – was honored during the Memorial Day assembly held by Morgen Owings Elementary (MOE) this afternoon. This was the first year for volunteer grandpas to have a regular presence in third grade classrooms at MOE and was made possible by a collaboration between The Grandpa Project, Thrive, and MOE.

Without exception, each of the grandpas in attendance said that the experience was outstanding and even exceeded some of their expectations. The teachers and school administrators are looking forward to expanding the program with more grandpas in more grades next school year too.

In a conversation with Thrive board member, Sarah Barnes, Grandpa Don Webb, was heard to say with a knowing smile, “. . . and they said that this was for the kids!”

Volunteers make a difference. And a difference is made in volunteers. We hope you’ll join us in the fall.

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